Doug Garrison — Jackie Stewart in the elf Tyrrell, 1973 Limited Edition Print

Doug Garrison — Jackie Stewart in the elf Tyrrell, 1973 Limited Edition Print

Regular price $99.00

Artist: Doug Garrison

This car continues to thrill me, both with its shape and iconic, graphic livery.


  • Paper/Canvas = Art will be shipped in a tube


  • Original and Master Print: 36"x20"
  • Proof Print 19"x13"


PROOF PRINTS: $99 — Size: 19"x13"

These are signed & numbered limited-edition prints. Exquisite, but smaller than Master Prints. They're printed on 19"x13" heavy acid-free paper with archival inks. Proof prints are designed for, and will fit into an inexpensive, ready-made, standard-size frame.

MASTER PRINTS: $199 — Size: will vary / same size as the original

Master Prints are individually-created Giclee reproductions of the original artwork. They are signed and numbered. They're printed on heavy acid-free paper with archival inks. The size of each print will vary, depending on the size of the original.

ORIGINALS: $2900 — Size: will vary

My artwork, like racing, is built on speed and innovation. I love working fast, and moving on to the next great racing moment. I create it this way — It's a combination of hand painted abstract watercolors and digital brush work. I use a computer tablet and stylus; once I get the watercolors scanned in, I manipulate the watercolors and digital brush strokes until my creative goals are reached. My originals are printed with archival inks, on museum-grade canvas, and then the original, layered, digital file is destroyed.

REGARDING SIZES OF ORIGINAL ART: They're all different, just email or call me if you have a question about the size of the artwork.

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