Product Information

Detailed Features and Information on our Limited Edition Canvas Product

These limited edition canvas art prints are produced by M&R Entertainment Merchandising Inc. Each one is meticulously hand crafted in California, the canvas, inks and coating are all manufactured and supplied by local companies. We pride ourselves on high quality and affordability and we back this with a 100% satisfaction guarantee (see below).

Please take time to browse this page to understand the time and effort put in to each individual canvas piece to make it worthy of being hung on your wall.

The canvas is a high grade acid free, matte finish, UV resistant canvas which has an ultra white base in order to accept the ink and maximize on depth and vibrancy.

The inks are UV resistant high grade pigment inks, the process uses 9 colors to produce a high wide gamut of color.

Once the product is dry from the print process, the canvas is coated with a water based gloss UV resistant coating (or varnish) air dried under the California sun, this process seals the canvas and gives the final depth to the inks. The coating manufacturer claims that the inks will not fade and are protected from UV light for over 100 years.

The stretcher bars are 2″ x 1.5″, this gives fantastic stability to the product and makes it stand proud from the wall. The bars are made from cedar wood, they will not warp or split like most other cheaper bars used on most of the products on the market. The picture of the profile (A) shows the distance from the stretcher bar to the canvas, resulting in greater protection to the canvas due to less contact with the stretcher bar. The corners of the stretcher bars are pushed apart by non-slip adjustable tension wedges to tighten the canvas.

Once the canvas has been stretched and coated, the double tension hanging cord is added, this is always placed at exactly the same distance from the top of the stretcher bars on all canvases. The wall protection scratch pads are added to cover the cord fixings and also added to each corner for wall protection once hung in place. Once this process is complete the product is packed for protection and ready for shipping.

Each limited edition comes complete with its own unique certificate of authenticity and the company seal is stamped on to the product.

Detailed Features and Information on our Limited Edition Archival Paper Product

Hand produced fiber-based photo prints equal (some experts say surpass) silver gelatin prints for depth of color and density. The fiber-based photo paper delivers the widest color range available, it establishes a new standard in color gamut and D-max ranges.

Combining the artistry of traditional photography with the ease and control of digital output, this unique media offers the same deep blacks, subtle tonal gradations and long-lasting results as the darkroom papers of old. Its fiber base has a rich surface, a continuous tone and soft gloss that are ideal for creating stunning color or neutral black-and-white prints that retain the look and feel of traditional fiber paper.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are unhappy with any product you receive simply email us and we will send you a simple returns form for our tracking purposes. You will receive a full refund of the purchase price or exchange for something else for the same value if preferred. Products must be returned to us within seven (7) days of receipt and be in the original packaging. Since we cannot be held responsible for any goods lost in transit we would strongly recommend that you send goods back to us by certified mail or by carrier only.

Non-slip adjustable tension wedges.


Profile of the stretcher bars used on all products, (A) shows the distance from the stretcher bar to the canvas, resulting in greater protection to the canvas due to less contact.

Double tension hanging cord & scratch pads for wall protection.

Company Seal found stamped in to the canvas on all of our products.