Doug Garrison — Artist Spotlight

If you were a kid growing up in Indianapolis in the early 1970s, it would have been difficult not to become enamored with motor racing. The world has many great racing cities, but Indianapolis has to be considered one of the most special.

Each May, the town shuts down and turns it’s attention to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the heroes and their machines that inhabit it. It was against this backdrop that Doug Garrison, at age 10 or so, knew he would someday have to find a way to capture the sense of speed and glory found at the corner of 16th and Georgetown.

These days, Doug's artwork is well known and sought after throughout the paddocks of North America — wherever fast cars congregate. Many drivers, owners, sponsors and fans have Doug’s work in their collections.

The essence of his work is in his ability to unclutter the subject... To focus on the beauty of automotive form. It is unlike any other, created with a mixture of innovative digital techniques and old-school watercolor abstracts — mashed up to produce vibrant pieces that capture the essence and savage passion of the sport.

Doug, along with his wife Jill and couple of miniature dachshunds, reside in Senoia, Georgia.