The Last Open Road

The Last Open Road

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By Burt Levy

Hard cover, 354 pages

Burt Levy has been racing cars and writing about it for more than 45 years. His hilarious, cult-classic novel about a 19-year-old, blue-collar New Jersey gas station mechanic getting swept up in the glamorous, dangerous, upper-crust and sometimes decadent world of open-road sports car racing during the Eisenhower fifties have found an avid following on the motorsports and collector-car scenes.

Originally turned down by major publishers (Burt and wife Carol took out a second mortgage to publish it themselves in 1994), The Last Open Road is now in its tenth hardcover printing, has earned rave reviews everywhere and is on recommended reading lists at many colleges, high schools, libraries and book clubs.

“…recalls to mind Catcher in the Rye and Holden Caulfield…” — Road & Track

:…captures the ambience of those days with great sensitivity, humor and insight.” — Dan Gurney

“In Palumbo, Levy has created a salt-of-the-earth character whose simple approach to life and folk wisdom make him an unassuming and yet engaging hero…Moreover, Levy is a marvelous storyteller, as adept at describing the intricacies of a Jaguar’s engine as he is at recounting the bewildering family dynamics of a Thanksgiving dinner.” — Publishers Weekly

“…the best motorsports fiction ever encountered…” — Autosport magazine

“A masterful and hilarious novel of open road sports car racing and falling in love with the boss’s niece in 1950s America.” — Goodreads

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